Est. 1991


We are OPEN! 7 days/week, 10am-5:30pm

  • All social distancing measures are in place at our store for our safety and yours;
  • Please take a number located just outside our front door and hand it to our staff at the front counter (we have a numbering system in place that helps us limit the number of customers in our store at a time). If there is no number available, please wait patiently. We have not yet had a line up for customers waiting to come into the store. This has been very effective;
  • ​No food/drinks permitted during this time, and please don't bring us your garbage;
  • Masks are not required​;
  • We prefer that you not wear gloves, but instead use our hand sanitizer inside the front door;
  • If you have specific requirements from your physician, follow them;
  • We have installed license plates on our floor at a 2 meter spacing, to help us follow social distancing recommendations;
  • If you need to pass someone, just politely ask them to pass, it's very simple; and
  • Most importantly, please come relax in our gorgeous space and soak up the ambiance

Come visit with us at 

Cookstown Antique Market!

Open 362 days a year from 10am-5:30pm
 Our 6,000 square foot century old barn is home to 35 Antique Dealers, offering quality antiques. The Cookstown Antique Market is truly a paradise for decorators and collectors alike. Come and browse our ever changing inventory of vintage and antique furniture, doors & windows, hardware, lighting, linens, lace,  heirloom textiles, purses, advertising, nostalgia, glassware, jewellery, china, vinyl records, fishing tackle, memorabilia and collectibles in infinite variety.

We also offer a 24 hour no obligation "HOLD" that will allow you time to "sleep on it", measure your space or bring in your partner to see an item without

taking the chance on losing it.

note: we are not serving lollipops or water at this time, this tradition will continue as soon as we are able. 

Enjoy a lollipop as you shop! Did you know the first lollipop was sold in 1908?


Cookstown Antique Market​