We welcome you to join our team and become an Antique Dealer with us!​

  • We have spacious booths, or cozy ones. 
  • We are open 362 days per year, 10am-5:30pm
  • Our staff are second to none
  • ​A beautifully designed 6000 square foot century barn, fully heated and air-conditioned
  • A unique destination in Ontario, for customers to visit
  • ​Located in the country, on a gorgeous 4 acre property, that backs onto the Trans Canada Trail
  • Owners and staff follow our company's Core Values; Respect, Integrity, Commitment & Communication

What one of our Dealers has to say:

I have a passion for vintage collecting and wanted to turn this passion into a semi retirement lifestyle.I came across Cookstown Antique Market, in a wonderful reconstructed century old barn, over 25 years ago. I started out in a small space and as I learned more about the business I progressed to bigger spaces. I had a lot of help from the management and staff, some that have been there for more than 15 years. I have met many of my regular customers, who are very complementary and love the atmosphere of our space.With a daily digital sales reports, we never have a wasted trip for restocking and re-merchandising.  I would highly recommend Cookstown Antique Market for anyone who would like to run their own small business and has a passion for collecting.

Janie Heffernan Dunn, 
Dealer #4 “Keep In Touch” 

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